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Dekker vaccum technologies, Dekker Bơm chân không, Dekker Việt Nam 

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Dekker vaccum technologies Vietnam


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DEKKER is a supplier of vacuum pump systems and equipment. DEKKER is housed in a 45,000 square foot facility in Michigan City, IN which is used for manufacturing, distributing and warehousing our products. In 2007, DEKKER was part of the Inc. 5,000 list of fastest growing companies in America. DEKKER continues to expand its wide range of vacuum pump and system solutions globally.


Vacuum Pumps

TiTAN Series Vacuum Pumps: These liquid ring type vacuum pumps are available in single and two stage.

Single stage pumps come in capacities 2 to 150 CFM (motor mounted), 20 to 300 CFM (monoblock and pedestal models), 450 to 1200 CFM (bare shaft) and 1000 to 28000 CFM (large capacity).

Two stage vacuum pumps are available in the capacity range 15 to 2000 CFM.

DuraVane Vacuum Pumps: Lubricated or oil-free (dry) models of rotary vane type vacuum pumps are also available.



TiTAN-C Compressors: The liquid ring type compressors are available in capacities of 15 CFM/3 HP, 30 CFM/5 HP, 60 CFM/7.5 HP and 75 CFM/7.5 HP as well as capacities up to 5000 CFM and 80 PSI. Learn more here.

DuraVane Compressors: This low-pressure rotary vane type compressor does not require oil for lubrication.


Vacuum Pump Systems

Vmax Vacuum Pump Systems: This liquid ring vacuum pump system uses oil as a sealing liquid that can be used for many different applications.

AquaSeal Vacuum Pump Systems: A water sealed liquid ring vacuum pump system which can be employed for a variety of applications.

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