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    BERTHOLD Vietnam, Đại lý hãng BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES Tại Việt Nam 

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    Radiation Protection


    Contamination Monitors

    We produce sensitive instruments providing early warnings help to prevent inadvertent transfer of radioactivity.

    Activity Measurement

    Activity is a measure of the amount of radionuclide(s) in a material emitting ionising radiation.

    Nuclear Data Processing

    Data acquisition systems and software equipment used for a variety of measuring applications.

    Dose & Dose Rate Monitors

    Dose and dose rate concepts were defined in order to quantify the effects of ionising radiation to human beings.

    Monitoring of Airborne Radioactivity

    Montoring of airborne radioactivity is one of our core competences. We offer monitoring of particulates, iodine, noble gas and tritium.

    Probes & Sensors

    We provide several probes and sensors for various radiation protection applications.


    Process Control

    Berthold Technologies' Process Control division offers solutions for the non-contacting measurement of level, density, concentration, bulk flow and moisture. As the global leader in radiometric technology our products are characterized by an outstanding measurement performance and reliability.

    Level Measurement

    Radiometric systems for continuous level measurement, high level/ low level alarm, interface position, multiphase level & mold level measurement.

    Bulk Flow Measurement

    Bulk flow meter for various conveying systems, e.g. belt and screw conveyor, pneumatic conveyor...

    Concentration Measurement

    Dry Substance, Brix Value, Concentration and Water content measured with Microwaves


    The radiation sources used in our radiometric systems are the most secure on the market...

    Density Measurement

    Products for Density or Concentration Measurement of Acids, Suspensions, Slurries etc.

    Moisture Measurement

    Moisture analyzers for the online measurement on bunkers, chutes and conveyor belts


    Online Analyzers for specific product properties, e.g. Ash in Coal or Carbon in Fly Ash

    Shielding Containers

    Adapted to the individual measurement requirements, our shielding containers allow for an optimum shielding effect




    Berthold Technologies Bioanalytic is a leading manufacturer of single and multi-technology microplate readers, luminometers, in vivo imaging systems, gamma counters and HPLC radio isotope detectors

    Microplate Readers

    multimode, TRF, fluorescence, BRET, absorbance, HTRF, luminescence, FP, AlphaScreen

    Tube Luminometers

    reporter gene assays, immunoassays, hygiene monitoring, water toxicity, cellular luminescence

    Gamma Counters

    multi sample gamma counters for assays based on isotopes like 125I, 51Cr, 57Co, 59Fe and 99Tc

    QC Tools

    means to check and validate the performance of plate readers, imaging systems, HPLC radio monitors and gamma counters


    microplates, tubes, cleaning solutions, liquid scintillants

    in vivo Imaging Instruments

    in vivo gene expression: luciferases and fluorescent proteins visualisation and quantification in small animals and plants

    HPLC Radio Detectors

    flow detectors for alpha, beta, gamma emitting and PET isotopes combinable with any LC and HPLC system for metabolism, degradation studies or QC

    Plate Handling

    microplate stacking system for plate readers


    optical filters, adapters for plate readers, flow cells



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