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Definox Vietnam 

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Definox Vietnam

Pites Co.,Ltd

Hotline : +84 989 199 111 | +84 916 152 811

Email : sales1@pilz-vietnam.com

Add :  D5 Mieu Noi Resident, Dinh Tien Hoang St, W.3, Binh Thanh Dist, HCM City, Viet Nam

Tel  : 08 3517 6474/75

Fax  : 08 3517 6476

Web: www.pitesco.com




Working with you for 40 years


DEFINOX  has specialized for 40 years  in the design and manufacturing of stainless valves and equipment for the food processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.


Our aim : Developing a relationship of trust with each of our customers.
Together we can solve technological challenges and make your projects successful.


So, DEFINOX  proposes a whole range of valves and equipmentApplication brassicole  :

  •   DPX  Butterfly valves (manual) or DPAX  Butterfly valves (automated)
  •   DCX3 - DCX4 Changeover valves 
  •   DCX3 DE  Double sealing changeover valves
  •   VDCI - VDCI MC Mixproof valves 
  •   DCX3 FdC - VDCI FdC  Tank bottom changeover and mixproof valves
  •   DMX Diaphragm valve (manual) or DMAX  Diaphragm valves (automated)
  •   DBX  Ball valves (manual) or DBAX Ball valves (automated) 
  •   PEX - PEAX  Sampling valves
  •   Point to point control tops and  AS-i
  •   Security devices
  •   Tank equipment
  •   Scraping systems
  •   Manifolds of valves



Dairy industry   Cosmetic industry

Sterilized milk 
Pasteurized milk
Condensed milk
Cream dessert
Milky drinks
Lacto serum treatment
Ice cream               


Beauty cream
Essential oil
Perfume / Toilet water
Sprays (hair spray)
Liquid soap
Make up
Beauty lotion
Tooth paste

Drinks   Pharmaceutical  industry

Fizzy drinks
Mineral water                                                        
Fruit juice


Ointment / cream
Injectable / vaccine
Blood treatment
Steriled fluid

Other food products   Chemistry

Baby food  
Oil and vinegar


Liquid washing product
Chlorinated water
Diluted nitric acid

A full range of products for your processes

Technological researches, which come in numerous registered patents, ensure DEFINOX  valves a reputation of modern and high quality equipment.

They meet the increasing requirements of food processing and pharmaceutical industries.
Our valves and equipment are based on recommendations of international standards EHEDG, 3A , FDA.


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