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Thương hiệu

ODE Valve Vietnam, Đại diện hãng ODE tại Vietnam 

Đăng bởiAdmin

ODE Valve Vietnam, Đại diện hãng ODE tại Vietnam


ODE S.r.l. società unipersonale

ODE solenoid valves & pumps

Sede legale e Stabilimento:
Via Borgofrancone, 18 – 23823 Colico (LC)
Tel. +39.0341.930570 – Fax +39.0341.930844

Uffici Commerciali e Amministrativi:
Via Modigliani, 45
20090 Segrate (MI)
Commerciale: Tel. +39.02.715429 – Fax +39.02.715144
Amministrazione: Tel. +39.02.21872477 Fax +39.02.21870431

Email: sales@ode.it
Website: www.ode.it

Since 1960 ODE S.r.l. (Officine di Esino Lario) has been providing customized desings and production of solenoid valves for manufacturers and system integrators following our fundamental principles of quality, adaptability and reliability, including excellent post sale service.

Our 50 years of experience in solenoid valves allows us to push towards the devolpment of new “leading edge” designs to satisfy several sectors including vending and coffee machine manufacturing, car wash manufacturing, automation, medical, food and beverage, water control and chemical.

ODE has a footprint in all major countries through a distribution network able to reach any customer. Each company in our network has been specially selected and has a product’s knowledge level equal to ODE itself.

ODE’s valves products are completely “Made in Italy” thanks to ODE’s joining of the Defond group, which has provided investements in specialized human resources and multinational technologies.

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