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limination of micro pollutants in waste water treatment plants

The use of various pharmaceuticals, detergents, pesticides and cosmetics has greatly increased over the past decades. These substances, termed micro pollutants, cannot, or only partly are biodegraded in waste water treatment plants.

High Resolution Turbidity Monitoring for Protection Against Cryptosporidium

It is widely known that parasites such as Cryptosporidium in potable water are dangerous for human health: diarrhoea, head-ache, sickness, and even death if the immune system of the affected person is compromised.

Save UV Disinfection

The selection of the right capacity of a UV-installation for disinfection purpose of drinking water largely depends on the level of contamination of the water with organic material. The enclosed article describes a practical implementation as an example for a water works in Germany.

Oil Traces in Process and Effluent Water

Discharging industrial waste water is a most sensitive ecological procedure. Due to ever more complex processes, there are an increasing number of possibilities that oil traces can enter waste water without being noticed. An operational disorder can be identified quickly using a continuous measurement of the oil traces. The operator can initiate actions to limit the damage, for example by diverting the contaminated water into a separate tank pool or lagoon. This collected water is then cleaned again before it is discharged on the outlet. This will not only avoid a possible ecological damage, but will equally avoid a costly financial penalty or even worse damage to their public image. The oil trace monitor OilGuard monitors effluent water continuously, reliable and with a minimum of maintenance requirements.


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