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    Thiết bị có trong kho Pitesco Việt Nam 8 

    Đăng bởihoang

    Thiết bị có trong kho Pitesco Việt Nam 8

     100% Germany Origin   ASCO Vietnam   Model: EV8345G381.24/DC 
     100% Germany Origin   Balluff Vietnam   BES02H7 
     BES 516-114-SA1-05 Inductive Sensors 
     100% UK Origin   IMO Vietnam   Model: BX80S/10-1A 
     Sensor, cable 2m 
     100% UK Origin   IMO Vietnam   Model: BX80A/1P-1A 
     Sensor, cable 2m 
     100% UK Origin   IMO Vietnam   Model: ST 86 
     Optical Switch Accessory Mounting  Bracket Height Matching  
     100% Germany Origin   Mayr Vietnam   Size 5/802.410.3 
     Mayr ROBA Stop ; Torque : 12 NM ; Voltage : 24 VDC 
     Bore dia.: Ø dH7 (unbore) 
     100% Japan Origin   Seibu Denki Vietnam   Model: SRH-007 
     Actuator ; Power Supply: AC220V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase 
     Motor: 10W, Insulation Class E, Time Rating: 15 minutes 
     Rotation Direction: Clockwise- Open or Close 
     Switching time: 12 sec.(50Hz) /20 sec.(60Hz) 
     Contact Arrangement:1a1b ; Witout Torque Switch 
     Witout Manual Cotrol Handle (operating with hexagon bar wrench) 
     Maximum Torque: 70 N.m 
     100% Japan Origin   NANABOSHI Vietnam   Model: NRW-2410-RM 
     100% Japan Origin   NANABOSHI Vietnam   Model: NRW-2410-PF15 
     100% Japan Origin   NANABOSHI Vietnam   Model: NRW-2414-RM 
     100% Japan Origin   NANABOSHI Vietnam   Model: NRW-2414-PF15 
     100% China Origin   WIDEPLUS Vietnam   Bộ chuyển đổi áp suất 8A1S1G1F2A5G25GJ1 
     Range: 0-32Mpa; 24VDC; Output: 4-20mA 
     100% China Origin   WIDEPLUS Vietnam   Bộ chuyển đổi áp suất 8A1S1G1F2A5G17G 
     U:12-36VDC, Out:4-20mA, Range: 0-1MPa, Max: 1.5 Mpa 
     100% Germany Origin   IFM Vietnam   Code: SU9000 
     100% Germany Origin   Helios-Preisser Vietnam   Code: 326918 
     Dig. wall thickness pocket caliper IP67 ; 150x40mm 
     100% Germany Origin   Helios-Preisser Vietnam   Code: 1348728 
     Dig. universal caliper IP65 ss wo. kni.po ; 500x100mm 
     100% Germany Origin   Helios-Preisser Vietnam   Code: 0710164 
     Measuring insert M2.5mm, 45°, point 
     100% Germany Origin   Helios-Preisser Vietnam   Code: 0710165 
     Measuring insert M2.5mm, ł 1.5mm, length 11mm 
     100% Germany Origin   Helios-Preisser Vietnam   Code: 0710166 
     Measuring insert M2.5mm, w. point, radius 0.5mm 
     100% Germany Origin   Helios-Preisser Vietnam   Code: 0710167 
     Measuring insert M2.5mm ball in. 1/8" length 16mm 
     100% Germany Origin   Helios-Preisser Vietnam   Code: 0710168 
     Measuring insert M2.5mm ball in. 1/8" length 26mm 
     100% Germany Origin   Helios-Preisser Vietnam   Code: 0710169 
     Measuring insert M2.5mm, ball ł 1.0mm 
     100% Germany Origin   Helios-Preisser Vietnam   Code: 0710171 
     Measuring insert M2.5mm, ball ł 2.0mm 
     100% Germany Origin   Helios-Preisser Vietnam   Code: 0710173 
     Measuring insert M2.5mm, ball ł 3.0mm 
     100% Germany Origin   Helios-Preisser Vietnam   Code: 0710175 
     Measuring insert M2.5mm, ball ł 4.0mm 
     100% Germany Origin   Helios-Preisser Vietnam   Code: 0710177 
     Measuring insert M2.5mm, ball ł 5.0mm 
     100% Germany Origin   Helios-Preisser Vietnam   Code: 0710179 
     Measuring insert M2.5mm, ball ł 6.0mm 
     100% Germany Origin   Helios-Preisser Vietnam   Code: 0710181 
     Measuring insert M2.5mm, ball ł 7.0mm 
     100% Germany Origin   Helios-Preisser Vietnam   Code: 0710183 
     Measuring insert M2.5mm, ball ł 8.0mm 
     100% Germany Origin   Helios-Preisser Vietnam   Code: 0710185 
     Measuring insert M2.5mm, ball ł 9.0 
     100% Germany Origin   Helios-Preisser Vietnam   Code: 0710187 
     Measuring insert M2.5mm, ball ł 10.0mm 
     100% Germany Origin   Helios-Preisser Vietnam   Code: 0710189 
     Measuring insert M2.5mm, ball ł 11.0mm 
     100% Japan Origin   ANRITSU Vietnam   Model: HD-1200E 
     100% Japan Origin   ANRITSU Vietnam   Model: A-174E-01-1-TC1-ASP 
     100% Germany Origin   DOLD Vietnam   Art number: 0053805 
     IL5881.12/100 DC12-280V 5-200K-OHM I/O module 
     100% USA Origin   Nidec Avtron Vietnam   AV56a1tdx1yxg015 is replaced by: AV56A1KDX6YXGP51 
     Housing Type:           1 - Single Output 
     Rotor Bore Size:        KD - 15/16" Thru-Shaft Cam Screw Rotor for ADC Pitch Motor ; Cover Style:    X - No Cover Plate 
     Line Driver:   6 - 5-24v in, 5-24v out (7272) recommended for single-ended wiring (A,B,Z, no A/,B/,Z/); Left Output PPR:  Y - 1024 PPR 
     Right Output PPR:     X - No Right Output, Single Output Only 
     Connector Options:   G - Ind'l w/Northstar Pinout (EPIC Style connector), w/mating plug, LED diagnostics 
     Modifications:            P51 - Special options for ADC Motor, upgraded model including paint, diagnostic LED & cam screw rotor and super magnetic shielding 
     100% USA Origin   Nidec Avtron Vietnam   Model: AV5-8YP000 
     Line Driver:   8 - 5-24v in, 5-24V out hi-power standard (Hx) 
     PPR:    Y - 1024 PPR 
     Connector Options:   P - Industrial EPIC Style w/Plug 
     Modifications :      000 - No Special Options 
     100% Italy Origin   Gefran Vietnam   Model: S9O17DS 
     100% Italy Origin   Gefran Vietnam   Model: F056776 
     100% Italy Origin   Gefran Vietnam   Model: S7BQO4P 
     EAM2359-B     KIT EX-ADV 
     100% USA Origin   MARATHON Vietnam   Model: 184THTY7726 
     Cat No: Y543A ; 5,1800,TENV,184TC,3/60/230/460 
     100% USA Origin   GE IP Vietnam   Code: IC200ALG264 
     GE Analog input 15 bit current 15 channel 
     Products condition:  New Surplus  
     100% USA Origin   GE IP Vietnam   Code: IC200MDL750 
     GE Output 12/24VDC POS LOGIC 0.5A per point (... 
     Products condition:  New Surplus  
     100% USA Origin   GE IP Vietnam   Code: IC200MDL650 
     GE Input 24VDC POS/NEG logic (4 groups of 8) ... 
     Products condition:  New Surplus  
     100% USA Origin   GE IP Vietnam   Code: IC200MDD844 
     GE Mixed 24VDC POS LOG input group 16 point /... 
     Products condition:  New Surplus  
     100% Germany Origin   STROMAG Vietnam   Type: GSSG 230/5 
     Quick-switching rectifier unit type GSSG 230/5 in dissipater housing of mounting into a switch cabinet.  
     Fixing by 2 screws M4 or on a mounting rail TS 35 (to EN50 022) with 2 pcs. supporting pedestals TS M4 S35, having the following technical data: 
      Main connection: 230 volts-AC, 50-60 Hz, with 1 internal fuses  
     Type pf switching: bridge/single-wave rectification, switching on A.C. or D.C. side  
     Output: direct voltage 207/103 volts, max. 5A, stage indication by 3 luminous diodes. 
     100% Taiwan Origin   Liming/ATG Vietnam   Replaced by: SB180-15-P1 
     (KSB-180-15-P1) Gear box ; Standard type  
     Note: Recheck code + conf namplate motor kết nối khi order 
     100% France Origin   ARDETEM INGENIERIE Vietnam   Code: PECA3001 
     5A2 AM ; For single or 3-phase balanced/unbalanced 3/4 wire networks ; Input: CT .../ 5A ; CT and VT ratios programmable 
     6 high brightness displays ; 15 parameters on 5 pages : 
     U,V,I,f,cos,P,Q,S, Ea., Er., ... Digital output RS485 / 422, Modbus / Jbus communications ; 3 analog outputs + mixed card of 3 analog 
     outputs and 2 pulse outputs; Response time: 180 to 325ms 
     Format: 96x192mm. 
     100% Korea Origin   WISE Vietnam   Model: T5124A0EI011950 
     Range: 0-250oC 
     Inductive contact type bimetal temperature gauge (High and low alarm) Size: 100mm, Bottom connection: 1/2NPT 
     Stem outer diameter: 6.0mm, Insertion length: 100mm 
     100% Israel Origin   Unitronics Vietnam   Model: V120-22-T2C 
     12/24VDC, 10 Digial Inputs, 12 Transistor Outputs, 2 Digital/Analog Inputs, RS232/485 x 2 
     100% Japan Origin   Aichi Tokei Denki Vietnam   Model: OF10ZAT-AR 
     Microstream Flow Sensor OF10ZAT-AR 
     100% Japan Origin   Aichi Tokei Denki Vietnam   Model: TBX30/L4 
     Turbine Gas Meter ; Flow Direction: Left to Right 
     Connection diameter: 40A (Rc1•1/2) 
     Connection type: Built-in battery 
     100% Denmark Origin   Danfoss Vietnam   Part No.: 131L9232 
     100% Denmark Origin   Danfoss Vietnam   Part No.: 131L5088 
     100% Germany Origin   FSG Vietnam   Art No: 1870S10-002.022 
     Pendulum Transmitter PE4000-WD/E2-01 
     in oil-filled aluminium casing ; IP code IP 65 ; with plug-connection 
     with plug of label Coninvers ; with foot mounting 
     inclination angle ± 45° ; with inductive Angular Transmitter 
     with integrated electronics ; output 4-20 mA at mx. 600 Û 
     supply 18-30VDC/approx. 60mA ; 3-wire system 
     angular position 0° = plug on top 
     100% Japan Origin   TDK-Lambda Vietnam   Model: HFE2500-S1U-TB 
     Power Supply 
     100% Germany Origin   KNF Vietnam   Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps  N 012ST.16E 
     100% Taiwan Origin   MOXA Vietnam   Model: NPort 5610-16 
     16 port device server, 10/100M Ethernet, RS-232, RJ-45 8pin, 15KV ESD, 100V or 240V 
     100% Taiwan Origin   MOXA Vietnam   Model: DA-820-C7-DP-HV 
     i7-3355LE, HV Power x 2 without Memory Card + RAM 
     100% Taiwan Origin   MOXA Vietnam   Model: CP-168EL-A w/o Cable 
     8 port PCIe Board,w/o Cable, RS-232, Low Profile 
     100% Taiwan Origin   MOXA Vietnam   Model: CBL-M68M9x8-100 
     Cable/CBL-M68M9x8-100(SCSI VHDCI 68 male to 8-port DB9 male connection) 
     100% Taiwan Origin   MOXA Vietnam   Model: Gateway MGate MB3180 
     1 Port RS-232/422/485 Modbus TCP to Serial Communication 
     100% Taiwan Origin   MOXA Vietnam   Model: MGate MB3180 
     1 Port RS-232/422/485 Modbus TCP to Serial Communication Gateway 
     100% USA Origin   Nidec Avtron Vietnam   Model: AV5-8YP000 
     Line Driver 8 - 5-24v in, 5-24V out hi-power standard (Hx) 
     PPR Y - 1024 PPR; Connector Options P - Industrial EPIC Style w/Plug 
     Modifications 000 - No Special Options 
     100% Japan Origin   TDK-Lambda Vietnam   Model: HWS1000-7 
     Power Supplies 
     100% Taiwan Origin   MOXA Vietnam   Model: CP-118U 
     8 Port UPCI Board, RS-232/422/485 
     100% Taiwan Origin   MOXA Vietnam   Model: CBL-M62M9x8-100 
     100% Taiwan Origin   MOXA Vietnam   Model: CBL-M62M25x8-100 
     100% Sweden Origin   ABB Vietnam   Model: 1SFN165503R1000 
     Block Contactors 
     100% Japan Origin   KYOTO Vietnam   Model: DA-130N (1-901-01) 
     Portable Density/Specific Gravity Meter 
     100% Japan Origin   KYORITSU Vietnam   Model: KEW6305 
     Power Meter 
     100% Taiwan Origin   MOXA Vietnam   Model: AWK-1137C-EU 
     802.11n Wireless Client, EU band, 0 to 60°C 
     100% Taiwan Origin   MOXA Vietnam   Model: AWK-1131A-EU 
     802.11n Access Point, EU band, 0 to 60°C 
     100% Taiwan Origin   MOXA Vietnam   Model: AWK-3131A-EU 
     Industrial 802.11a/b/g/n Access Point, EU Band, -25°C to 60°C 
     100% Germany Origin   Kromschröder Vietnam   Code: 86051010 
     Governor for gas VGBF 100F40-3 
     Spring-loaded, with inlet pressure compensation diaphragm and zero shut-off, to maintain a constant set pressure ; DN 100 
     Flange to ISO 7005; pu max. 4 bar; Screw plug at the inlet and outlet 
     For gas, EC type-tested and certified; Set to 20 mbar (range: 10-30 mbar) 


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